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    For all Outlook and Visual Studio Online (VSO) or Team Foundation Server (TFS) users, TeamCompanion is a must-have tool that provides for better collaboration, efficient Agile Project Management and increased productivity in daily tasks.

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Send Mail from Work Item

Use this feature to keep track of your email communication related to a particular work item. You can easily create a new email from the selected work item, choose whether you want to attach the work item’s attachment to the email and choose whether you want to attach the new email to the originatin...

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Email and Work Item Integration

TeamCompanion provides strong support for integrating Emails and Work Items. Probably the most frequently used TeamCompanion feature is creating Work Item based on an Email. All Email information is copied into the Work Item including Email attachments. It is equally easy to send an Email containing...

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What our users say about TeamCompanion

I have used TeamCompanion 3.0 for about three months now and it has made my interaction with TFS much more productive and pleasant. My favorite feature is the ability to customize the query view in Outlook. For example, I have the view for the “My Work Items” query grouped by state and type. This hierarchal view gives me a better overview of my work items as compared to a flat display. I also like the way TeamCompanion allows me to create and run queries for work items. I personally find query creation more intuitive in TeamCompanion as compared to Visual Studio 2010. I am looking forward to the new agile project management features in Team Companion 4.0.

Ahmed Chaudhary
Tech Lead, Dell, Services

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