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Work Item from Email

Despite collaboration tools, mail communication is still necessary. Very often emails must be converted into work items. In this demo you will see how TeamCompanion makes this conversion easy, helps report status using so called "Done emails" and finds a work item related to a specific email and opens it in an instant.

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Querying and Filtering

TeamCompanion offers rich support for creating and executing standard and custom work item queries. By executing queries automatically and highlighting the changed work items, TeamCompanion provides instant notifications about changes. This demo shows all these features from the perspective of three different roles within the development organization.

Download offline demo installer ( .exe | .zip )

Work items as the first class Outlook items

This demo shows that with TeamCompanion, Outlook treats work items with equal care with which it treats emails: multi-level grouping, full text search, creating a reminder for a work item or flagging it as a to-do item is easy. Scheduling an appointment to discuss a work item is also easy.

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Offline What-If Analysis

Scrum is no stranger to TeamCompanion. It offers native support for the drag and drop based backlog management, sprint planning, capacity planning and load balancing within the team backed by real time charts. Real time burn down chart helps with the day to day task tracking. All of this includes offline what if analysis: work out different options without saving anything on the server and commit just to the final plan.

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Feedback Request

TeamCompanion fully integrates feedback request/response workflow, so that you can ask for and give feedback during different phases of the development process.

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