Frequently Asked Questions

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Q5: Do I need a TFS license to use TeamCompanion?
Yes. In order to use TeamCompanion to connect to Team Foundation Server, you need to have a TFS CAL.
Q6: Can I use my single user TeamCompanion license on multiple computers?
TeamCompanion is licensed Per User, so you are eligible to use TeamCompanion on multiple computers. However, in order to support this scenario, you need to inform the TeamCompanion Support Team about the number of computers you are about to use, so we can generate licenses for additional computers.
In case you just want to transfer TeamCompanion license to another computer, you will need to deactivate the license on the old computer and activate the license on the new one. You can activate and deactivate the license using the License Activation dialog.
Q7: What is the difference between the trial and registered versions of TeamCompanion?
There is NO difference between these two versions, except that the trial version is limited to 90 days evaluation period. By activating the trial version with your user email and registration code you are registering TeamCompanion for use as defined by EULA (unlimited time and commercial use).