Frequently Asked Questions

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Q8: Why are Work Items inside the query not refreshed when I select a query?
TeamCompanion v3.x or older will automatically retrieve work items for a query only the first time you select a query. If you wish to update the query then you must manually refresh it by right-clicking on the query node and selecting the 'Refresh' menu item, or by clicking on the 'Refresh' toolbar button while the query is selected.
TeamCompanion v4.0 or newer will by default refresh your query each time you open it. If your query is not refreshed, open TeamCompanion Options dialog and on the General tab ensure that ‘Work Item Query Auto Refresh’ checkbox is checked.
Q9: I set a reminder using TeamCompanion but I do not see it in my calendar?
For reminders to work you need to open ‘Data File Properties’ dialog for the TeamCompanion PST folder (available on right click on the TeamCompanion node in the Outlook’s Navigation Pane) and select the option "Display reminders and Tasks from this folder in the To-Do Bar".
Q10: How can I modify the format of the e-mail created using the Create e-mail from work item functionality?
You can do this in the 'Create e-mail' tab, inside the 'Options' dialog (TeamCompanion -> Options). Inside the tab you can set the subject and the body of the e-mail which will be created out of the Work Item. The text that will be set as the subject or body can contain special placeholder fields (identified by curly brackets {}). These placeholders will be filled by values from the Work Item during e-mail creation. You can also set the body to be the same as the preview of the Work Item which is visible in the Outlook 'Reading' pane.
For example you can set the following body text:
Title: {System.Title}
Asigned To:{System.AssignedTo}
Created by:{System.CreatedBy}
Link: {TeamCompanion.WorkItemUrl}
TSWA: http://yourhost:8080/wi.aspx?id={System.Id}
This will fill the body of the new e-mail with the following information: Work Item title, name of the person that created the Work Item, name of the person that the Work Item is assigned to, Work Item description, the link to the read-only work item which can be opened in a web browser and the link to Team System Web Access which can be used for editing the Work Item. You do not need to know the various Work Item field names in order to use them. When you click on the 'Add field' button you will get a popup with all available fields to choose from.
Q11: Why is the list of Work Item fields that I can choose when configuring how to create e-mail or appointment out of Work Item very small?
The list of Work Item fields depends on currently selected default project (default server and project can be selected in the TeamCompanion toolbar/ribbon). If you have no selected project then a default list of Work Item fields will be used. As soon as you select a project a full list of all Work Item fields available for that project will be displayed when selecting fields.