Frequently Asked Questions

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Q12: I have encountered an error; how can I report it?
In most cases, when an error occurs, special dialog will popup where you can follow the instructions and report an error. If you have encountered an error and the dialog has not appeared, you can still send us the error report manually. To do this, open the 'Report an Issue' dialog accessible through the Info menu option menu item in the TeamCompanion menu/ribbon. Enter error details and any other comments and click the Send button.
Q13: My company is using proxy which prevents me to activate my TeamCompanion license or to send an error report?
In order to configure TeamCompanion to use your proxy server settings, please open either ‘License Activation’ or ‘Report an Issue’ dialog and switch to the ‘Connection Settings’ tab to fill the proxy connection settings.
The proxy server name format is http://proxyname:8080, that is, the http/https prefix and port number are obligatory.
If you do not have default credentials stored, TeamCompanion should ask you to enter the credentials; here you don't have to enter your domain name. It is required just to specify your username and password.
The currently used proxy server name can be found if you open Internet Explorer, Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN settings dialog.
Q14: When I open a work item in TeamCompanion, work item custom controls don’t load successfully and are not visible. What should I do to make them visible?
Properly installed TFS work item custom controls will be enabled if you increase custom control assembly trust level to the Full trust.
To do that, open the .NET Framework 2.0 Configuration console from the Control Panel / Administrative Tools window. Under the My Computer section select the Runtime Security Policy node. From the tasks list that should appear on the window right side, choose the Increase Assembly Trust task. You will be guided through the procedure. Just be sure to set the Full trust as a new assembly trust level.
Q15: Today when I open Outlook I did not see any TeamCompanion toolbars/ribbons. I tried to reinstall it but it is still hidden.
If you are using Outlook 2010, go to the File tab, click the Options button and on the bottom of the Add-Ins tab select the 'Disabled Items' combo box entry and click on the Go button. On the newly open dialog, enable TeamCompanion. Now, go back to the combo and select the 'Manage COM Add-ins' entry. Ensure TeamCompanion is checked there too.
If you are using Outlook 2007, click on the Trust Center menu item in the Tools menu and then navigate to the Add-ins tab. Select Disabled Items from the Manage combo box and ensure TeamCompanion is not marked as disabled. After you enable it, please go back to the add-ins page, 'Manage COM add-ins' and ensure TeamCompanion is checked there too.