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Q16: How to uninstall TeamCompanion?
Simply go to the 'Control Panel->Programs and Features', look for 'TeamCompanion for Outlook' and uninstall it.
Q17: I pressed the 'Ignore' button during the deinstallation of TeamCompanion and it does not seem to be uninstalled. What now?
If you have Outlook running during the deinstallation of TeamCompanion you will be asked to either manually shut down the Outlook or to ignore shutting down the Outlook. If you don't want to shut down the Outlook and press the 'Ignore' button, the deinstallation will continue and all TeamCompanion binaries will be removed, however, the PST file and the TeamCompanion menu and toolbar/ribbons will stay within the Outlook. You can remove these items if you open File->Data File Management (for Outlook 2007) or File->Account Settings->Data Files (for Outlook 2013 and 2010); select TeamCompanion and remove the item.
Q18: How to ensure that TeamCompanion will be completely removed from my system after uninstalling?
If during TeamCompanion uninstall Outlook application is closed, TeamCompanion will be automatically completely removed.
If during TeamCompanion uninstall Outlook application is running, you will get a warning message and have two possibilities – to close the Outlook application and retry or to ignore that warning.
If you select to ignore given warning, TeamCompanion PST data file, toolbars and menus/ribbons will remain visible even after the Outlook is restarted. In that case you will be able to remove those toolbars and menus/ribbons manually anytime. To do that, click the right mouse button on any Outlook toolbar/ribbon and select the Customize option. A Customize dialog box is opened. While this dialog box is opened select the TeamCompanion toolbar/ribbons from the toolbars/ribbons listed and press the delete button. To remove menus, while the Customize dialog box is still opened, right click on the TeamCompanion menu and choose the delete action.
To remove the TeamCompanion PST data file, go to the File menu and choose the Data File Management action (for Outlook 2007) or go to the File menu, Account Settings, Data Files (for Outlook 2013 or 2010). A dialog box with all currently connected data files listed will appear. Select the TeamCompanion data file from the list of available data files and press the Remove button. The TeamCompanion data file will be instantly removed from the Outlook user interface.
Q19: I have uninstalled TeamCompanion, but the TeamCompanion menu and toolbar/ribbons are still visible in Outlook?
TeamCompanion isn't completely removed. Most probably Outlook was left running during uninstall. For the solution, see the answer for the previous questions.