All TeamCompanion features documented with detailed description, images and videos.

Embedded Work Item Form

TeamCompanion integrates an enhanced version of the standard TFS work item edit form in various parts of Outlook. The part of the form containing work item fields has retained the standard functionality, while the embedded toolbar includes many additional context related actions. Many of these actions are possible simply because of powerful Outlook features.

When you open a work item, the work item form is shown in a separate window. When you browse through your work items in a query result list, they are previewed in the work item preview pane showing the work item form as well.

The work item form is fully functional and offers the expected editing experience. Work item fields and their layout on the form are shown as defined in the process template. This means that any customization of your process template in terms of changes to work items (f.e. adding a new work item field, changing the layout of work item fields on the form) is automatically visible.

Work Item Preview Pane

The Work Item Preview Pane shows the selected work item in the query result list. The pane position can be either on the bottom of at the right of the list. On the View tab, in the TeamCompanion group, click on the Work Item Preview drop down button and chose the desired setting for the pane position.

The pane shows the Embedded Work Item Form by default, but you can also choose to show the read only HTML preview instead.
This can be configured as part of TeamCompanion’s options.
Tipp: When working in offline mode, work items are always showed in HTML read-only preview.

Editing Work Items

In the work item form, you will change the content of your work items in several ways.
To save your changes to TFS, click on the Save button on the embedded toolbar.

Tipp: You can also use the CTRL+S shortcut keys while your focus is set somewhere inside the work item form.

While previewing your work item in a separate window you can also use the Save and Close button on the embedded toolbar, which will save your changes and close the window.

If you want to undo all current changes to your work item, click on the Undo button on the embedded toolbar. This action will undo your changes, but it will not refresh the work item contents to match those saved on TFS. TeamCompanion will ask you to confirm the undo action.

If you want to refresh the contents of the work item to match those saved on TFS, you need to click on the Refresh button on the embedded toolbar. It you have changed your work item and have not saved these changes before calling refresh, you will be warned about them. At this point you can choose either to continue with refresh and lose your changes or to cancel the refresh action.

When you change a work item in the work item preview pane, its look automatically changes to italics in the query result list. For more information see under Working With Work Item Queries.

Embedded Toolbar Actions

The embedded toolbar of the work item form includes all context related work item actions:

- save, undo or refresh the contents of your work item,

- send a done mail,

- create a new linked work item,

- open the work item in Microsoft Excel or Project,

- send the work item per mail,

- create a new Outlook task or meeting request from this work item,

- get help on the Team project Process Guidance,

- add a child work item and

- search mails either by work item ID or title.

Search Mails Related to Work Item

TeamCompanion makes it very easy to find emails related to a particular work item. Open a work item in a work item form and on the embedded toolbar, click on either the Search Mails by ID or the Search Mails by Title button.

By default all mail folders are searched for mails containing the selected search criteria (work item ID or title). Other custom target search folders can be added using TeamCompanion’s options.

The results are displayed as standard Outlook search results in a separate window, where all search related Outlook options are available.