All TeamCompanion features documented with detailed description, images and videos.

Help and Support

On the TeamCompanion tab, in the Help group, click on the Help button to access TeamCompanion's Help and Support options. You can search for detailed information about the product in various sources yourself or get in contact with our support team.

After installing TeamCompanion, the Getting started quick tour guide pops up by default each time you start Outlook. It shortly introduces users with the most important TeamCompanion's features in offline form. If you disable this option at startup, you can access it through the Help and Support menu.

Check also our online enhanced version of Quick Tour and take a look at video presentations of TeamCompanion's features.

We advise you to use our online resources on www.teamcompanion.com for more detailed and up to date information. The menu option Go to online help will take you to our online Support section. Check for updates on our Blog or simply follow us on Twitter.

Please get in contact with our Support team by reporting an issue or requesting a new feature.

Inform yourself about how TeamCompanion takes care of regular updates to your product.

Trial Period and Licensing

You can check your actual license information using the License Activation menu option in TeamCompanion's Help and Support section or among its configuration settings. The License Info dialog offers following options:
- to Activate TeamCompanion;
- to Deactivate TeamCompanion;
- to view the License Agreement information;
- to Order your valid TeamCompanion copy online;
- to view your Registration details online.

You can use a fully functional unregistered copy of TeamCompanion for a trial period of 90 days. After this trial period expires, you can no longer use TeamCompanion and you are warned in form of a popup screen when starting Outlook. After you register TeamCompanion, your previously installed copy will return being fully functional (no additional download and installation is required).

You can choose between different licensing options. To begin the process of registering TeamCompanion, click on the Activate TeamCompanion button on the License Info dialog. The Activate TeamCompanion dialog appears next. If you already received your registration key per email, enter it on the tab Activate. We offer the possibility for offline activation. Just follow the instructions on the Offline Activation tab.

If you are using a proxy server, please enter its address on the Connection Settings tab in order for TeamCompanion support to be able to communicate with your application copy.

Starting from version v4.3 users are able to extend the trial period for another 90 days. Please contact our support team at support@ekobit.com and tell us the reason why you would like to extend the trial period. Upon request approval, you will receive a trial extension code that you can enter using the link Click here to extend the trial period on the License Info dialog.

Report an Issue

In most cases, when a serious error occurs, a special dialog pops up, where you can further follow the instructions how to report that error.

If you have encountered an error and the dialog has not appeared (or you have closed it and then changed your mind to report the issue), you can still send us the error report manually.
To do this, open the Report an Issue dialog using the corresponding menu action in TeamCompanion's Help and Support section.

Please enter as much Error Information as possible, to help us efficiently analyze and remove the error. We are interested in following information:
- What were you exactly doing when the error occurred? Please give us a short list of action steps.
- Does this error occur regularly? Can you reproduce it?

TeamCompanion keeps a log of your last actions and this log is sent to as part of the error report. To review the data being sent, click on the provided link.
To finish, send us the report, and wait for our Support team to contact you. We kindly thank you for your effort to improve TeamCompanion!

On the tab Other, you can permanently enable error logging. This will help our Support team analyze your error in certain more complicated cases.

Tipp: For installation instructions and some commonly reported issues, please check our FAQ section.

Request a Feature

We frequently release new versions of TeamCompanion. This gives us the opportunity to regularly implement new features and remove existing errors.

We are very interested in your opinion and would like to hear more about your user experience. The link Request a Feature in the TeamCompanion's Help and Support section will take you to our UserVoice forum, where you can enter your comments and suggestions.

Check for Updates

TeamCompanion is deployed using the ClickOnce installer engine that enables automatic updates. Each time you start Outlook, TeamCompanion will check for updates. You have the option to delay an update or even to skip it. If you turn off automatic updates, you can check for updates manually by using the menu option Check for Updates in the TeamCompanion's Help and Support section.

Tipp: ClickOnce installation is supported from version v4.3.