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All the main features at a glance
  • Enable Collaboration of Stakeholder and Development Worlds

    TeamCompanion connects Microsoft Outlook, the most popular email client today, with the Visual Studio Online or Team Foundation Server. In this way it empowers various project stakeholders, particularly business ones, to work on Visual Studio Online based projects, using the one tool they use for the most of their daily tasks. Easy transition between email communication and Work Item Management, with integrated Agile Project Management features, offers the unique experience of using the right tool for every project role. And not to mention that the most of the developers love it too!

  • Improve Communication and Team Productivity

    TeamCompanion makes communication and collaboration on your team project more efficient. Emails are now a unified part of your Visual Studio Online world, not a disconnected source of information. It is easy to create a Work Item from an email and vice versa or to attach email based business requirements to existing Work Items. TeamCompanion automatically copies information from a work item into an email or any other Outlook item (task, meeting request or appointment). This way emails will always be close to the subject of discussion, will never get lost in obsolete folders, and it will be possible to track them down within Visual Studio Online or Team Foundation Server at any time.

  • Deep integration of Outlook and Visual Studio online or Team Foundation Server

    TeamCompanion integrates Outlook and Visual Studio Online wherever it makes sense. Tasks, appointments and remainders, related to Work Items of your choice, are at your disposal, where TeamCompanion takes care of the easy transition of data between them. This transition is, of course, highly configurable.

    Furthermore, TeamCompanion exploits Outlook productivity features like grouping, filtering, customizable views and favorite folders. Various actions can be performed by using the simple drag and drop user experience. All this gives work with Visual Studio Online or Team Foundation Server in Outlook an additional edge and makes it efficient and easy.

  • Information at Your Fingertips

    Agile processes embrace shorter development cycles, frequent delivery of working software, adaptive practices and changing requirements. TeamCompanion keeps you continuously up to date with the project status in this dynamic environment using Outlook style discreet notifications.

    By scheduling execution of Work Item Queries, you will always be notified as soon as a change takes place. Your most important queries and reports will be part of the favorite folders, making them easily accessible. Don’t spend time searching for critical information anymore; TeamCompanion will promptly deliver it to you!

  • Fully Featured Client for Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server

    TeamCompanion is a fully featured Visual Studio Online client that lets you perform all kinds of team project related activities inside Outlook.

    It offers full support for Work Item Management and management of Work Item Queries, both flat and hierarchical. It lets you work with reports and SharePoint documents as well. Settings of your Team Project, like areas, iterations and query security, are also easily accessible.

    Above all that, TeamCompanion supports full text search over all Work Item fields as well as search using advanced criteria over specific Work Item fields. No other Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Online client supports full-text search! TeamCompanion also leverages the unlimited Outlook grouping abilities and provides first class support for grouping by adding grouping information to all your team queries.

  • Agile Project Management

    Start by defining your agile teams and managing the Product Backlog. Continue with sprint planning using easy-to-use graphical tools and drag and drop. Various charts and statistics instantly reflect your changes helping you optimally perform capacity planning. Constantly asses and track the status of your sprints using real time Burndown charts. Work out the best plan using offline work items support and integrated "what –if" analysis features.

    TeamCompanion supports out of the box the MSF Agile, CMMI and Microsoft Scrum project templates provided by the Visual Studio Online. It can also be easily customized to work with any other Team Foundation Server project template.

  • Manage Agile Teams

    Depending on the size of your project and the agile methodology you use, you will organize your teams differently and usually build and manage a hierarchy of teams.

    TeamCompanion lets you manage each sub-team individually as well as manage the whole team as a single unit. It is able to follow the progress of teams of different sizes, from small ones to the whole product teams. You get a view of the product backlog and the current sprint for each team together with the team specific Burndown chart and real time project statistics. In this way you are able to successfully manage your project on different levels of complexity.

  • Native support for Scrum

    TeamCompanion natively supports Scrum. Scrum is based on three pillars: Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation. With multitude of features providing easy, real time insight in the state of your development process, TeamCompanion ensures transparency. Some of those features are listed above under "Information at Your Fingertips". Efficient access to reports, work item queries and capacity and burndown charts make it easy to inspect scrum artifacts and progress towards the goal. Graphical tools featuring efficient drag and drop based actions together with standard work item management features, make adaptation easy.

    First class support for Teams, Scrum Artifacts like Product and Sprint Backlogs and direct support for Scrum Events like Sprint Planning Meeting in the user interface make TeamCompanion ideal Companion for your Scrum based development.

  • Unleash the Power of your Team Projects

    With TeamCompanion you work on your Visual Studio Online or Team Foundation Server Team Project in the most efficient way, with least context switching and by using the smallest possible number of tools for your daily tasks.

    TeamCompanion lets you connect to Visual Studio Online and multiple servers Team Foundation servers, Project Collections and Team Projects simultaneously, allowing you to interact seamlessly with all of them. It keeps your whole team on the same page, improving communication and collaboration among team members. Using this all-encompassing Visual Studio Online client you will perform all your project related tasks and take advantage of many unique advanced features in the same time. You will benefit from its first-class support for Agile Project Management while heading towards rapid project development, shorter time to market and more satisfied clients.

    TeamCompanion is the only Visual Studio Online or Team Foundation Server client tool you need to unleash the power of your Team Projects!