Release Notes

TeamCompanion 4.6

1) Full integration with TFS 2012 RC (Team Explorer 2012 RC).

  • In Team Explorer 2012 RC version only.
  • Our agile project management toolset syncs with team, sprint and capacity settings of the TFS 12 RC.
  • Work items displayed using new work item edit form.

2) Full support for the Team Foundation Service Preview (aka tfspreview) servers.

  • All agile project management actions works on tfspreview servers.

3) Implemented Export & Copy actions for Plan and Prioritize charts.

  • Copy/Export of the Burndown charts.
  • Copy/Export of the Velocity charts.
  • Copy/Export of the Team capacity charts.

4) New Copy capacity info action.

  • A perfect tool to quickly import iteration capacity info based on previous iteration settings.

5) Mark Work Item as Done action is now expanded with few additional configuration options.

  • Ability to select if the work item properties will be updated or not.
  • Enabled automatic transition over multiple work item states.
  • User can choose work item done state and transition path.

6) Support for non admin installations

  • You can now install TeamCompanion even if you’re not local administrator on your computer.

7) Various fixes and improvements.

  • Implemented multiple small rocks that improve overall user experience.
  • Improved performance for some long running operations.

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