Release Notes

TeamCompanion 5.2

1) Support for TFS 2013
2) Support for multiple work item layouts

  • Different users, TFS or AD groups can use different  work item type UI layouts
  • Project administrators define who uses which layout using a supplementary administrative tool (available as separate download)
  • Multiple work item layouts defined as a part of work item type definitions
  • Available for Outlook 2010/2013 and Team Explorer 2012/2013

3) Support for project level management of TeamCompanion configuration options regarding conversion between Outlook and TFS objects

  • Conversion between Outlook and TFS objects (Send Work Item as Mail, Create WI from Mail, Create Task from a Work Item and v.v., Create Meeting Request, Create WI from RSS) configurable for each work item type
  • Settings are managed per team project, so different team projects can use different settings.
  • Project settings can be put in place in form of a project policy, in which case they are automatically distributed to all users.
  • Only administrators can manage project policy settings.
  • Users can manage their preferences locally only in case there is no project policy set

4) Support for backlog query changes introduced in TFS 2013

  • Backlog query now contains committed PBIs as well

5) Various fixes and improvements

  • Fixed various bugs.

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